ADR, Arbitration, & Mediation

We recognize that court litigation is not the only way to solve problems for our clients. Sometimes it isn’t the best way. Our attorneys know when and how to use ADR (alternative dispute resolution) to achieve superior results at a lower cost than is typical in litigation.As advocates in mediation and arbitration, we are experienced in the use of alternative proceedings such as arbitration before the AAA (American Arbitration Association), the UDRP (Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy) for domain name disputes, the NAD (National Advertising Division) for false advertising claims, and the ITC (International Trade Commission) for importation disputes involving unfair competition, as well as general settlement negotiations.

A representative list of such activities include:

  • Handling domain name disputes under the ICANN UDRP;
  • Mediating and arbitrating trademark and unfair competition disputes as a member
    of the CPR/International Trademark Association Institute for Dispute
  • Handling hundreds of Lanham Act ADR proceedings over the last ten years;
  • Mediating disputes through the Lanham Act Mediation Program in the United
    States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois;
  • Serving as advocates in settlement conferences;
  • Testifying as expert witnesses in trademark infringement, copyright
    infringement, advertising and taxation cases. 

In addition to serving as advocates for clients in ADR (alternative dispute resolution), Pattishall attorneys are certified as arbitrators and neutrals with district courts and leading dispute resolution service providers, such as CPR (International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution), INTA (International Trademark Association), AAA (American Arbitration Association), and FRANARB (Franchise Arbitration and Mediation Services). Our experience as neutrals includes service as mediators in trademark, copyright, and licensing disputes; arbitrators in franchising and general commercial disputes; a panelist in UDRP domain name disputes; and authors of independent case evaluations and second opinion analyses. Members of our ADR practice are frequently retained by other firms and selected by Federal and State Courts to serve as neutrals in mediation and arbitration. For more information, contact:
Robert M. Newbury (Northern District of Illinois Lanham Act Neutral)
David C. Hilliard (CPR/International Trademark Association Institute for Dispute Resolution; Northern District of Illinois Lanham Act Affiliated Individual)
Joseph N. Welch II (Northern District of Illinois Lanham Act Neutral)
Brett A. August (Northern District of Illinois Lanham Act Neutral)