Advertising & Promotions

Your advertising says a lot about your company and your products. By focusing on prevention and protection, your business can develop safe, successful advertising. At Pattishall, we can help you pinpoint strategies that will protect your company’s reputation, and help you promote your brand strategically. And our radar is always scanning the horizon for new developments in this highly volatile area of the law.

Pattishall helped Land Rover create the Land Rover G4 Challenge, a multi-national, bi-annual competition in which applicants from more than 20 countries compete to win a Range Rover. To comply with the various countries’ marketing, contest and commercial regulations, our attorneys managed a team of foreign counsel, assembled with assistance from Ford. We designed interactive applications as well as detailed rules, agreements and releases in several languages. We even advised and negotiated on Land Rover’s behalf for post-competition distribution of the event.

If a competitor steps over the line in making claims about its product, or accuses you of doing so, we can help you in your response strategy, including litigation if necessary. We have represented clients such as AT&T over the years not only in federal court litigation, but in hundreds of arbitration proceedings and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Our advertising and promotions practice includes advertising and promotions development, clearance and litigation.

As a regular part of our practice, we:

  • Litigate federal court, state court, FTC, NAD and NARB cases;
  • Litigate false advertising disputes through arbitration proceedings;
  • Conduct advertising clearance reviews;
  • Prepare sweepstakes and promotional rules;
  • Oversee substantiation of product claims;
  • Evaluate marketing practices;
  • Draft agency and talent contracts.