Copyright law protects original expressions. They may be literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, or other intellectual works. At Pattishall, we have broad experience with all aspects of copyright law – as it has traditionally been practiced, and on the cutting-edge of Internet and technology issues.

For one client, we developed a copyright-based anti-counterfeiting strategy that took advantage of the statuatory damages provided by the Copyright Act. As a result, the client knocked out forty-eight counterfeiters and collected $10 million in damages.

We represent a variety of companies and individuals with their publications, product designs, web sites, computer software and other works subject to copyright law. For Encyclopedia Britannica, we helped to eliminate on-line and print copies of their famous encyclopedia that were openly pirated and sold by publishers in China and Taiwan.

As a regular part of our practice, we:

  • Litigate copyright infringement cases
  • Counsel clients on the protection of copyrighted works
  • File copyright applications and handle the prosecution of them
  • Draft license and assignment agreements
  • Conduct clearance searches.