Kimberly J. Lukavsky Senior Paralegal
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Kimberly J. Lukavsky

I’m the CEO of a growing business. How might your work help me protect my business?
Your company’s brand identity is our main focus at Pattishall. We understand the importance of trademarks and the value they represent to your company. We concentrate on providing guidance and protection for your brands and trademarks, worldwide.

What industries would you consider your areas of concentration?
My current areas of concentration are pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. This is a highly specialized field of intellectual property law, with special requirements. I’ve been responsible for one biotech trademark and copyright portfolio since 2000. I’ve been responsible for a pharmaceutical trademark portfolio since 2002. If you are in the biotech or pharmaceutical industry, you understand how important it is to have IP counsel who understands not just the law, but the nuances of your industry.

Tell me about some of the matters you’ve worked on in your career.
I worked in-house for a major, multi-national gaming company to start their Trademark Department. Their portfolio included over 1500 marks and I was responsible for domestic and international trademark matters and licensing for all three companies. That experience helped me to understand how businesses operate, and how important it is to take appropriate steps from the outset to protect trademarks and other brand assets.

How does Pattishall’s “team approach” differ from other law firms?
Pattishall’s team approach means that the attorneys respect you for your knowledge and experience, and appreciate your hard work. As a paralegal, I appreciate being given the opportunity to learn and grow professionally. For our clients, it means cost-effective staffing of their work. I work with several attorneys who trust me to handle the everyday aspects of a client’s portfolio. And we all love the challenge of being with a firm like Pattishall, because the quality of the clients and the IP work is so extraordinary.

How have you been described by your colleagues?
A former boss once told me that I would be the only person he would need to run a trademark department! He knows that I am hardworking, detail oriented, organized, and meticulous.

I’m also curious. I’ve been doing trademark work for over 20 years and I love to keep up with the ever-changing work of IP law. I acquired my knowledge on the job, but also attended many seminars. Pattishall offers paralegals the opportunity to attend seminars and INTA. We also hold weekly continuing education luncheons for all members of the firm-attorneys, paralegals, and secretaries.

What personal and professional qualities do you have that benefit your clients?
My attention to detail is one of my strongest personal and professional qualities. This is essential in the trademark arena. Having been responsible for an in-house trademark department, I am familiar with all aspects of protecting, maintaining and developing trademarks. When working with new clients, this means making sure that all steps have been taken to protect and maintain their marks.

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