Linda M. Vellenga Senior Paralegal
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Linda M. Vellenga

I’m the CEO of a growing business. How will your work help me protect my business?
Whether you own an established brand or a rising star, there are important international implications for you to consider. You don’t want to discover that your international roll-out is going to be held up because you haven’t secured your brand in your new markets.

I have over two decades of experience managing international trademark portfolios. I’ve conducted extensive clearance searches; helped to prepare and file worldwide trademark applications, renewals and oppositions; and recorded assignments, mergers, and changes of corporate name/address.

During that time, I’ve not only built close working relationships with clients, but also with many intellectual property firms worldwide. These relationships enable me to act as a liaison between the client and foreign attorney, which means that each client’s issue is addressed quickly and efficiently.

Which are your areas of interest?
I’ve been involved in a wide variety of industries, including computer hardware and software, travel, power tools and heavy equipment, pharmaceuticals, car rental, and food and beverage.

What industries do you consider your areas of concentration?
I work with a wide variety of industries. I’ve discovered that learning the specifics of the client’s business is more important than general knowledge of the industry. While it helps to know the “lingo,” that’s not what makes a difference to the client. Clients need to know that you understand their particular business, and are prepared promptly to address their specific needs.

What is an interesting foreign trademark matter that you’ve handled?
Over the years, I have handled many foreign trademark matters, but there are two that stand out. The first being a worldwide trademark assignment project where current title in the marks to be assigned was not what was initially reported to us, and the second was a worldwide trademark application program in over 200 countries that had to be on placed on file in one afternoon. Even though both presented a challenge, I was able to rely on my expertise and close working relationship with the foreign attorneys to successfully complete each project in a timely and cost effective manner.

How does Pattishall’s “team approach” differ from other law firms?
Our motto is “all for one, and one for all.” We are very diverse-not only in terms of the type of people we employ, but also the vast experience these individuals have in a wide range of industries. There is always someone around who can give you a valuable insight or lend a hand. I’ve never experienced such camaraderie, as everyone here is ready, willing, and able to assist in any way necessary, from the administrative assistants, to the paralegals, all the way up to the senior partners. Everyone has the identical goal: to protect our clients and their brands.

What personal and professional qualities do you have that benefit your clients?
I am a conscientious, detail-oriented person who is dedicated to the job at hand. I believe the quality of the work I produce and the manner in which I conduct myself is not only a reflection of who I am, but the type of firm that Pattishall is.

What are your three strongest professional skills?
– Maintaining strong lines of communication.

– Remaining open to change.

– Staying focused under pressure.

These skills help me to provide the highest possible level of service. After all, as a firm client, you deserve no less!

  • Commercial Services & Supplies
  • Food & Beverage
  • Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure
  • Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
  • Software & Services
  • Technology Hardware & Equipment
  • Transportation